Dance Classes

Mom & Me (18months – 2yrs)

A dance class for 2 year olds! Designed with the specific needs of a 2 year old in mind, this class utilizes a parent to help orient their child to the workings of a classroom while encouraging the child’s natural movement. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through the use of music, dance and their favorite obstacle courses. The amount of growth seen in each child by years end is truly amazing. When each class is ready, we will no longer need the aid of the parents and our teachers and assistants will be able to work with just the children.

Combo Classes – Ages (3), (4/5) and (6/7)

Combo Classes will explore the disciplines of jazz, tap and ballet. Class-time will be divided into a Ballet/Jazz portion and a Tap portion. Students will learn the basics of each style while learning to strengthen their rhythm and coordination, all in a nurturing and creative environment. Students learn other important principles like learning to listen to directions, sharing with others and waiting their turn.

Class time is 30-minutes for age 3, 45-minutes for age 4/5 and 6/7 years olds have the choose of 0.5hr or 1 hr or 1.5 hours classes

Jazz – Ages (8-10) (pre-teen) – (Teen)- (Adult)

Jazz class consists of a warm up, across the floor progressions, and center combinations. Students will be versed in understanding musicality, rhythm and style.

Tap – Ages (8-10) (pre-teen) – (Teen)- (Adult)

Tap is one of the most rhythmic of all dance styles. Students will be introduced to numerous steps and progressions that will better concentrate their coordination and agility. Class consists of barre, center and progressions across the floor.

Ballet/Pointe – Ages (8-10) (pre-teen) – (Teen)

Ballet is the foundation from which all dance comes from. Ballet comes highly recommended as it promotes correct body placement, strength and coordination. Each class will consist of barre, center, and grand and petite allegro work (based upon age). Once a student has mastered proper technique, a student may be able to advance to Pointe; which is at the discretion of the teacher.

Lyrical – Ages (pre-teen) – (Teen)

Lyrical is a more expressive form of dance fusing together aspects of jazz and ballet. It focuses on one’s emotions. It will help to strengthen grace and control. Students must take ballet in order to be admitted into lyrical class.

Hip-Hop – Ages (8-10) (pre-teen) – (Teen)

Hip Hop offers students a more relaxed environment to learn combinations and dance moves. Hip Hop introduces students to the latest dance moves as seen on TV, music videos and in the movies! Because Hip Hop requires a student to fully understand musicality Hip Hop is offered to ages 8+ only.

Tumbling/Acro  Ages ( 3-Teen )

Tumbling classes are available at a variety of levels from beginner through advanced. We mix the beauty of acrobatics with dance to come up with a program that focuses on tumbling technique, strength, flexibility, and balance as well as the coordination of dance.  Students will learn a vary of tumbling skills according to age and ability.

Beginner Ballroom Lessons

Six one hour lessons for $80.00 singles $120 couple.
Classes are Fridays at 7pm.

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