Birthday Parties

Choose from our three themes, princess, diva or pajama party. Our
parties are one hour and thirty minutes in length.

Basic Party costs $150 with $50 deposit Deluxe Party is $200 with $100 deposit and includes cake, paper goods and decoration.


Princess Theme

  • Enjoy dressing up like your favorite princesses
  • Warm ups will be done to Disney princess songs.
  • We will play games involving a tea party and princess trivia
  • Party guests will learn a dance routine to their favorite princess song.

Diva Theme

  • Enjoy dressing up as diva’s.
  • Warm up will be done to diva songs oldies through today
  • Play games filled with attitude and style.
  • Party guests will Learn a routine full of sass and fun to
    their favorite diva song.

Pajama Theme

  • Everyone wears PJ’s!
  • Today’s hits and some classic dance songs such as cotton eye joe and the macarania will get us warmed up.
  • We will play games involving pillow fights and popcorn.
  • Party guests will learn a routine to the birthday girls favorite.

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